Praxis Goes To Press


September 2013 sees the launch of Praxis Press, the official blog of Praxis Accountancy Limited, maintained and written by CEO, Alan Young.

Alan is no stranger to the world of blogging, having previously written the 1st Addition Accountancy Blog; ‘The 1st Edition’. He has also served as in house accountant, and has written articles, for the likes of Enterprise Nation, The Home Business Network, The Telegraph Business Club and the Ebay Journal. He has also hosted a number of web chats, including a ‘Frugal-Preneur’ Web Chat, for ‘Make Your Mark’, jointly hosted with Clive Lewis, Head of SME’s at the ICAEW. Alan also briefly hosted the ‘Ask Alan’ slot on ENTV.

Alan was further commissioned to write the ‘Small Business Guide To Startups And Finance’, on behalf of the Telegraph Business Club, following the advice he offered to Home Business Network forum members, prompting Dave Sumner Smith, Program Director, The Home Business Network and Telegraph Business Club to write;

“The subjects of tax and expenses have attracted more questions and comments than any other topics on the Forum. And many of the questions have been answered (extremely well) by Alan Young, who knows far more about working from home than any accountant I have ever come across”.

The blog will start with a number of popular articles and posts reproduced from some of the above sites and publications, updated for any changes in current legislation (correct at time of going to press) many of which have been prompted by the FAQ section of the company web site. All comments, feedback, question and requests for future articles are greatly appreciated.

About Alan Young

MD and owner of the Woodhurst Group, including Praxis Accountancy Limited and Blue Sky Recreation Limited. Also Commercial Director of The Sky visor Group
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